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core energetics therapy Patricia HamanCore Energetics

Core Energetics works! Learning energetic flow, charge and discharging, moveing blocked energy and making more vitality available for manifesting what you really desire. You will experience joy, flow and authenticity in your relationships.  Your gifts and abilities emerge into your daily life.

Awakened Path group process focuses on empowerment, leadership and full-on participation while engaging in compassionate truth and communication.

hypnosis and core energeticsHypnosis

Hypnotherapy is a great choice for many of the changes needed in our lives. During sessions with Patricia, a Certified Hypnotherapist, you will always be in control and remember everything.

Dive deeper into your past or change a bad habit through hypnosis sessions. Learning Self-Hypnosis is an empowering tool in reducing anxiety and improving mood. 

hypnosis-Patricia-Haman core energetics therapy

The Leadership and Self Transformation Trainings provide tools necessary to step into a life of conscious leadership and with compassionate and creative expression. The program teaches a powerful awareness and openness beneficial for both professional and personal use. 

Patricia Haman, MA, NCC

Patricia is a board-certified Core Energetics coach, International Core Energetics Trainer and healer. She has over 30 years experience working with individuals, couples, families and groups.

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