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Patricia Haman, MA, NCC

Patricia Haman is a master teacher, healer, and transformational coach. She has taught at university, college, institutes, and in workshops internationally and in the USA.

Patricia holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology as well as significant certifications with world acknowledged leaders in alternative psychology including Stan Grof and John Pierrakos.  Patricia has studied mainstream dream analysis and is certified in Hypnosis and Holotropic Breathwork.

Institute Director and Faculty

Patricia has devoted her entire life to help others bring about healing, life transformation, and spiritual awakening. Currently she serves as the Director of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetic Institute Florida. She continues to serve on the faculty in the Radical Aliveness Institute of Southern California and the National Institute of Core Energetics in Holland. Learn More, Enroll Today.

Over 30 Years Experience

Patricia is a holistic coach and healer and with over 30 years experience as a board-certified Core Energetics therapist and International Core Energetics Trainer. She works with with families, individuals, couples and groups. She has extensive experience working with people of all ages including children. Patricia has taught psychology at the University level throughout most of her career.

Private Practice

Patricia maintains a private practice in healing, transformation and supervision in Florida. Her services are available both online and in person. Sessions for Groups, Families, Couples, Children, and Individuals are available. Contact her to find out more.


“Since I started my training at RACE in the Radical Aliveness Institute of Southern California, Patricia Haman came into my life, first as a teacher and then as my therapist, with her I have accomplished all credits from all my personal work.

For three years continuously, Patty has accompanied me to leave my childhood wounds, and the pains from my early years behind and to build myself as an adult and that is be able to stand on her own feet.

It has been an ongoing work with a clear balance between firmness and love, which has made me feel at once confronted and held, pushed to get the best of me, from a loving place.

The balance between my personal work and her support have gone hand in hand with the balance between recognition and the drive to not afford to stay in regret and to make each experience a growth opportunity.

Patty has also taught me to ask what I need and to do myself what helps me to be okay. To be able to receive recognition, not to flee from uncertainty or not-knowing and to let time do its work on me.

As a result of all this, she has changed the color of the lens through which I look at my life, my heart has opened to a lot more variety of feelings with less fear,”  Núria Camps Salat.

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