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Creating Community and Healing

We can create community based on wellness and healing.   We change from within.  First, we must be able to understand we have been living in a constructed reality and we must be willing to face our own shadow to engage in healthy living within wellness and community.  Deconstructing our own shadow, blindness and negativity is […]

Core Energetics

Core Energetics Core Energetics was founded by John Pierrakos. Patricia Haman is an experienced teacher, practitioner and supervisor of Core Energetics. John Pierrakos developed Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen.  After study with Wilhelm Reich they went further into the development of working with the body to bring about psychological change. They synthesized the theories of energetic patterns that […]

Our Heart is Intelligent

The Human Heart is Intelligent. Health is enhanced by our experience of empathy and compassion.  This is an energetic experience that becomes an emotional reality.  It is the result of the wisdom of our healing and our evolving consciousness. Love is a normal state and hate is our distortion that comes from misconception and pain.  […]

Life Is A Feeling

I was living in Germany for a few years and on my way back to the states.  Just before I left I found a book by a “Toltec Naqual” from South Africa.  I loved his material in spite of it’s complexity.   It turned out that he was offering a seminar in Edinburgh Scottland in a […]

Okay, lets keep going!

I appreciate everyone that has been writing in support of my blog!  I just realized many of you have been writing in support and I really appreciate your comments.  It is really inspiring to know my work is reaching you out there!  I will find a way to be able to see and read your […]

Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World

Life is a feeling. The body holds our “gut” feelings and our emotions. We learn to posture ourselves, holding energetic patterns and tensions to prevent emotions and “gut” feeling from surfacing into our awareness. We do this because we want to “avoid” discomfort and the experience of our innate aggression and full expression of both […]

Core Energetics Therapy: what is the difference?

What makes core energetics therapy different from other methods of change that primarily focus on emotional and mental work? The focus of CORE ENERGETICS THERAPY is THE TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. WHAT DOES THIS REALLY MEAN? When we transform our consciousness, we are moving from density toward vibrational intensity (light). We move from dark consciousness into […]

An Overview of Core Energetics

John Pierrakos the founder of Core Energetics and the original founder of Bioenergetics along with Alexander Lowen, viewed the body as a psychosomatic unity which included the spiritual essence of the person. Esoteric doctrine has always included the spiritual in it’s methods of healing. Basically all new thought kinds of spiritual schools view the person as […]

Sexuality and Spirituality: Path to Healing

pathways to healing Sexuality can be a complicated topic since language falls short of describing and communicating our deepest experience.  However, let us try!  Sexuality, is a way for the body to open,  clearing stress, tension,  blocked energy, and making intimate contact with another. John Perriakos, founder of Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen and later Core Energetics […]
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