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Core Energetics was founded by John Pierrakos.

Patricia Haman is an experienced teacher, practitioner and supervisor of Core Energetics.

John Pierrakos developed Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen.  After study with Wilhelm Reich they went further into the development of working with the body to bring about psychological change. They synthesized the theories of energetic patterns that eventually dictate both perception and repetitive experience.

Core Energetics is a process of profound discovery.

Through working with the body in fun and playful ways we include the meaning we make within our body centered experience in the sessions.  This integrates our psychology with our physical experience in ways that are grounding and moving.   As a result, the experience allows the reconnection of our “GUT” with our “HEAD” and our “HEART”.   An alignment that creates grounding, flow, and a powerful sense of knowing what is valued and important.  From this understanding, changes are possible and worth the effort.   Patterns of perception that include feeling passive, small, and or powerless begin to emerge and the resulting negativity is expressed and understood in ways that allow shifts in these experiences so changes are easy and obvious.

Holding patterns

Holding Patterns are developed in childhood due to trauma, repetitive frustrations, and the pressures of sitting in school and holding back energy and expression during the developmental years.


Core Energtics Classes

Body Centered Play.  As a result our body posture and movement create  patterns that include and maintain blindspots and unconsciousness and defensive perceptions.  

Emotional Process

Working with trauma, negative learning, and held blocked emotional expression allow the expression of negativity and pain which resulted in physical holding patterns leading to emotional effects.  Mental patterns of negative thought and expectation as well as patterns of anxiety and depression result from holding and blocked energy.  This results in behavioral issues that do not serve.  Core Energetics focuses on supporting authentic emotional expression and allowing the body to release and move differently, relaxing holding patterns and opening up to the full expression of feeling and emotion.  As a result of our innate movement toward wholeness and self regulation Core Energetics allows a reworking and re-membering of authentic self-expression and healing.   Opening up blocks in the body allows deep insight and self awareness to emerge. Old information is viewed in deeper and more meaningful ways. The idea that the unconsciousness in a person is influenced by holding patterns in the muscle, posture, and movement of a person is no longer new. Core Energetics has proven to be a powerful process leading to significant change.  Clients are able to engage leadership, self expression and self responsibility while manifesting the life and meaning they desire.


John Pierrakos

developed the spiritual component and this is a signficant aspect of Core Energetics. Developing awareness of a spiritual meaning in life that surpasses our material reality is important in supporing the emergence of self identified values and principles.  Spirituality and internal guidance based on an integrated mind-body-spirit connection enhances full consciousness and self awareness.   This improves emotional and mental health as well as physical health since these systems unify into a coherent whole without splitting and resulting anxiety, depression and ambivalence or insecurity this brings.  Core Energetics supports the view that each person has a unique purpose that calls them into authenticity and joy.  As we all move toward this integrated expression we naturally develop and evolve our personal and collective consciousness. We are here to grow and learn and to open our hearts while authentically connecting to others and to everything in positive and powerful ways of being. In order to achieve this integration, patterns of resistance, negativity, and Lower Self destructive impulses are faced, revealed and worked through becoming the engine for our positivity toward life. Childhood must be healed and worked through to become identified with our most powerful self.  Those who work as Practitioners and Coaches in Core Energetics have gone through intensive years of trainging  in order to understand how to work with someone on the physical, emotional, mental levels while maintaining a deep spiritual connection to the their own purpose and service.   Each practioner has undergone their own deep transformation in the very process they are sharing with their clients.

As a result of working in this process, Core Energetics allows the return to signficant qualities of childhood lost in the process of growing up.  Authenticity of expression, Curiosity, a Desire to Learn and Grow, Flowing with Life in Ways that are Fun and Empowering and Re-Unification with the most deepest connected sense of self.  This work is powerful, fun and effective.  Patterns of distress including anxiety, depression, insecurity, ambivalence and addiction are addressed as well as healing conflict in relationships, families and allowing communities to heal and grow together.


Patricia Haman
Patricia Haman
Patricia is a Master Healer, Teacher and Coach. She spent many years as an international trainer in Core Energetics, a powerful physical, emotional, mental and spiritually focused therapy. She is a skilled trauma therapist, a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, a Board Certified in both alternative and traditional hypnosis. Patricia spent years as a family therapist and a University Advanced Psychology Faculty Member. She has co-created institutes focused on advancing group work and alternative healing. Patricia is now residing in Wilmington Delaware and continues to be available on-line. Phone 302-390-0911
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