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The Human Heart is Intelligent.

Health is enhanced by our experience of empathy and compassion.  This is an energetic experience that becomes an emotional reality.  It is the result of the wisdom of our healing and our evolving consciousness. Love is a normal state and hate is our distortion that comes from misconception and pain.  Our body resonates with this experience.  It moves toward a wholeness and an integration where all “splits” and “traumas” are revealed and move toward becoming fully conscious, processed or mapped out and then integrated into a wholeness that creates compassion and understanding.

Check out the documentary titled “I AM!”  You will understand what I am sharing here.

The Field

According to quantum physics and research our heart generates a large electro-magnetic field around a person. Your brain detects my heart and it has a physiological effect on you. We are sending and receiving information each moment and ca predict the future.

The body responds prior to seeing a picture of something in actuality. The heart generates a “pre-feeling”. My Toltec teacher and Naqual always said “life is a feeling“.  This happens prior to our indocrination and the meaning it forces us to make based on conditioning and repetitive messaging.

An example is the way we have emotional responses and repetitive meaning based on the images we have been repeatedly exposed to about specific groups.  An example is the image most people come up with if give the word VETERAN.  If asked to choose between a man in a suit, a father with children, or a man “pissing on the street”.  The majority will choose the man on the street.  Usually they will choose an image of a man over the image of a woman.  Have we been indocrinated imagine veterans as homeless and disabled? Is this a true image?  Do veterans themselves see themselves in this way?

The human heart responds to energy emanating from and within the field.  Prior to this indocrination and represents an far more accurate perceiver than the mind which is framed by the process of learing created by culture, media and repetitive conditioning.  Our heart represents our HOPE for the future and the ability to move into a more intelligent, accurate, compassionate and human way of relating and living.


The Heart is the first place where intuitive information is immediately available. A primary access point of your spirit or higher self.

“Open the heart ,What was said to the rose to make it open was said to me here in my chest” (Rumi).


The Universal Energy Field is the only reality. 2 electrons that are in connection go off in the distance and IF the spin of one changes the spin of the other changes simultaneously.  Quantum Physics now meets the Mystical Kabbalah!  Quantum Entanglement  indicates we are all connected in one being and share a dream together. There are Deep connections between us and we are entangled!  Shamans work within this dream and dream oriented cultures and tribes work in co-dreaming.  This is becoming a reality as more groups are learning to co-create by co-dreaming together.  Synchronicities, shared visions and understanding, and evolving consciouness begins to be obvious experiences in these groups and their awareness evolves together.

Science has begun to catch up with these spiritual realities and practices.  It has begun to validate the mystical idea that we are all connected at all times. There seems to be a non-local substance connecting everything. There is no fundamental separation! There is a field that responds to thoughts and emotions and this means that human emotionality affects systems all around us.

In the documentary “I AM” it is said that studies test yogurt for receptivity and prove that thoughts effect the yogurt and thoughts and Emotions affect each other!

Over 15 years of research with electronic random number generators- has consistently verified that strong emotionality devices stopped creating random output in 65 percent of the world On 9/11.  There was a huge correlated shift in the world wide network. There is only a one million to one chance this would happen.  This devices are consistently putting out random numbers until immediately prior to huge emotional events on the planet.  When these events are about to occur the output becomes consistent.This indicates the field is registering the event prior to it’s occurrence.  This also occurs within the human heart.There is a Global scale effect when we are all focused on something. Maybe this is what ancient rituals were attempting to achieve.

What we all do on the physical level changes the fabric of the world we live in.

This was the new age jargon that was historically dismissed by a scientific view of reality until quantum physics began to open the door to the truth.  This has consistently proven we are living in a participatory universe and you are an important player in the COSMIC GAME!




Sounds like Native American spirituality meets science. We are all interconnected at a fundamental level and we are connected with all of life on a very deep level.


Reich said argone energy connects us. Molecules of argon in the air are everywhere at all times and are connected.  Alexander The Great and Mohammed breathed the same argon atoms as you!

There is something living and existing within the field of the universes.  This field emanates life into the future and is connected across space and time! We breath each others air all over the world!


The Human Genome is 99% identical with apes and the vast majority are the same as all animals. Animals are connected to us. ALL LIFE IS CONNECTED.


We are experiencing a resonance in relationship with plant medicines. The plants are healing huge numbers of people on a weekly basis all over the world.  They are supporting the shedding of the ego, of the indocrination and constructs that have been created that are not in alignment with life and relating with life.

Light, Sun, Breath, Air, Water, Earth are all connected and must be honored and celebrated.


Quantum science validates all Native, Eastern, and Spiritual Cultures. Science was wrong and the church was wrong! We are not rigid robots performing mechanical tasks. There is something beyond this.

We are beings with a connection in relatioship with something in which we exist and have our being. This is connecting each of us to every one of us all the time. We are far grander and we are never alone, we are all one, and all connected. WE ARE ONE.

The thing that keeps us separate is our pain. And our pain originates in our misconception of reality. This starts with our consciousness—our definition of ourself must change and our perception must change. Our Everyday Small Acts Matter. Everything we feel, think and do has consequences. We must learn to give up our selfishness and help others and ourselves!

The body to the brain…the body is affecting our brain…not the brain to the body! The pause between the heart beats, sends information on our emotional state through a carrier wave of emotion…our positive perceptions and emotional states positively renew our physiology…

Love and compassion flows outward from our hearts and this is our optimal state. Our negative emotional states inhibit the brain, in other words, anger makes us stupid! Empathy, compassion, and love are our normal states of being!  When we are able to live from the heart center, we move the energetic center down from the frontal lobe and thinking to the center of our chest.  We begin to live in flow.  As we flow we feel joy, compassion and begin to realize our ability to create these states with others.

The Heart is intelligent.

The heart generates a large electro-magnetic field around us and our brains detect the heart and receive the input.  This has a physiological effect on the way we relate with ourselves and others around us. It is sending and receiving information each moment and it can actually predict the future.


By taking responsibility for our experience and for the pain we hold we begin to heal.  As we heal we let go of blame, negativity, and negative views of others and we begin to experience our HEART.  We must  heal our pain by learning to release our negativity and resistance to the light, to love, to the realization that we are all connected and one.  We begin to take full responsibility for our experience and for showing up in life by keeping our word, making our speech responsible as a creative force. We learn to own our own desires, demands and constructs and stop projecting our reality onto others as if it is the only one experienced.  This allows us to join with each other in an intelligent cooperation with life.

Core Energetics works directly on the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit to release the held and blocked patterns of negativity, releasing pain, changing our distorted thinking and misconceptions, and allowing a deep connection to our spirit and our individuality to be restored.

As a result a feeling of empowerment and joy returns. Remember you are made to change and evolve your consciousness and all you have to do is let go of all you hold in terms of your images and beliefs.

Let go and flow with the new sciences that give you permission to open up, be connected, believe in an open and strong heart, look for connection and relationship, allow yourself to wake up into a new dream with endless possibilities…you can heal your pain and you can change.


The result is wellness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels that brings a flow and a joy that surpasses anything a material life can bring.


Patricia Haman
Patricia Haman
Patricia is a Master Healer, Teacher and Coach. She spent many years as an international trainer in Core Energetics, a powerful physical, emotional, mental and spiritually focused therapy. She is a skilled trauma therapist, a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, a Board Certified in both alternative and traditional hypnosis. Patricia spent years as a family therapist and a University Advanced Psychology Faculty Member. She has co-created institutes focused on advancing group work and alternative healing. Patricia is now residing in Wilmington Delaware and continues to be available on-line. Phone 302-390-0911
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