We can create community systems based on wellness, intelligent cooperation and participation, and healing.
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We can create community based on wellness and healing.  

We change from within.  First, we must be able to understand we have been living in a constructed reality and we must be willing to face our own shadow to engage in healthy living within wellness and community.

 Deconstructing our own shadow, blindness and negativity is important. We have become addicted to daily media entrainment and false sense of comfort. The constructs of greed, war, and abuse and continually justified.

Can we step out of these polarizing experiences and step into unity, consciousness, and intelligent cooperation with the simplicity of life. Can we do this without avoiding the hard work of facing shadow, facing our cleaning up of the environment and showing up on a mass scale in peace and leadership?
We each want shelter, food, and community. We must be willing to change our lives to become in alignement with life.
Healthy whole food, grown organically and locally again, taking care of animals in healthy and compassionate ways, supporting children in natural learning and self organizing environments, and reshaping communities where the elderly and children have a place. Where human transitions and experiences are understood, supported and allowed rather than alignment and medicated away.

community wellness

We don’t need to engage in fighting, war, disdain, hatred, lying and shadow to bring in the light.
We simply need to sit and face our own shadow and emerge out of these constructs that create a perception we live in a war- like slavery system and emerge into community where we relate with intelligence and solve the problems we all face together.
We can establish free electricity, actions based on taking care of the earth, creating smaller community systems where we take care of each other and participate in the rising into this time of transformation without supporting hatred, greed, war and dependency on systems of an elite group.
If each of us only worked 3 hours a day in small communities where we share resources all would be taken care of. The hardest part would be the dominating, the distrust, the trauma and reactivity that has been created as we moved away from the sacred within mundane life and community. Intelligent cooperation with life, a joyful participation in what is good and benefits everyone must return to our daily intention.
In our current system most of our people are discarded and images are constructed so we avoid, distort and can not see who they are.  Veterans, Disabled, Minorities, Elderly, and Women, etc…etc.. are constructed with images of diminished worth and are disenfranchised.  This is the opposite of what happens in communities where everyone is needed and everyone contributes to the health and healing of the whole.  Everyone has gifts and talents. Everyone can contribute to the benefit of community.  When children are raised within this type of system they grow to be intelligent, cooperative participants in life with joy and worth that is not false and constructed.  They become a valued participant that cares about others and their communities.  Suicide, drug abuse and addiction, and all forms of exploitation and abuse fade within the context of community intervention and support.
Patricia Haman
Patricia Haman
Patricia is a Master Healer, Teacher and Coach. She spent many years as an international trainer in Core Energetics, a powerful physical, emotional, mental and spiritually focused therapy. She is a skilled trauma therapist, a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, a Board Certified in both alternative and traditional hypnosis. Patricia spent years as a family therapist and a University Advanced Psychology Faculty Member. She has co-created institutes focused on advancing group work and alternative healing. Patricia is now residing in Wilmington Delaware and continues to be available on-line. Phone 302-390-0911
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