Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Florida

Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute Florida

Two Year Leadership & Self Transformation Training Program in Florida

Core Energetics is healing and transformation on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being. Learn about energy, flow, energy charge and discharge on the physical levels. Get an opportunity to clear held and charged emotional patterns. Mentally understand the wisdom to see reality and your own patterns clearly … and then change them! Become spiritually open and connected to your own guidance.

At the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute in Florida, you will have the opportunity to work with the Radical Aliveness Group Process and become empowered in your presence in the world. Learn how to relate in inclusive, brave and expansive ways that invite and facilitate possibility.

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Students Earn Teaching Certification

RADICAL ALIVENESS CORE ENERGETICS is a supercharged GROUP PROCESS focused on full-on participation and leadership.  Have fun while experiencing and expressing fully and learning to engage in processes without the need of control. Participants learn to handle intense experiences in group settings with proficiency.

Students learn to be able to read, assess,  work with, and powerfully transform patterns for themselves and with others on the level of the body, mind and spirit leading to joy and mastery. Core Energetics is a profound and effective way to work with healing and change on all the levels of being, developed by John Pierrakos, MD.

Radical Aliveness combines the emotional, energetic and body work concepts of Core Energetics with a radically alive and empowering group process.

This transformative process, used throughout the 2-year program allows you to find your edges, reclaim yourself and move forward in life with a renewed sense of purpose.

In years One and Two, learn the foundational aspects of Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness including:

  • higher self/lower self/mask
  • body armoring
  • body energy
  • emotional and energetic holding patterns
  • wounding
  • chaos
  • complexity

A Program of Professional and Personal Empowerment

Graduates will have the tools necessary to step into a life of conscious leadership, powerful awareness and creative expression.

After graduation in this 2 year Leadership and Transformation Program students are welcome to continue in their training and become Certified in Core Energetics and/or Radical Aliveness in Institutes in the United States or in another country.   

Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute leadership training in Florida with Patricia Haman

Who should apply? 

Those who desire deep personal transformation and are ready to step up their level of participation in life. This program is beneficial for people in all types of work and life settings including creative fields, business, education and healing as well as roles in leadership.

RADICAL ALIVENESS CORE ENERGETICS training greatly enhances previous training in somatic work, cultural sensitivity, community and group processing.

Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute

In Year One, we teach the basic principles and practices of Core Energetics and the beginning principles of the Radical Aliveness group process work.


  • Processing conflict – learn to stand in the face of  powerful emotions and stay present
  • Listening – cultivate curiosity and the ability to stay in the conversation
  • Expressing truth – be in a laboratory where you can find your authenticity and express yourself
  • Holding divergent points of view simultaneously – grow your container and find the world inside of you
  • Understanding self-responsibility and mutuality – know that you are the creator of all you are part of
  • Opening to a full flow of energy – find your life force and embrace it

Building on the self-knowledge gained in the first year, Year Two students move away from looking back at their historical wounds, personal stories, and character development, and move toward healing those wounds, letting go of the past, and transforming their defense systems.


  • Communicate more effectively – learn how be constructive with your feelings
  • Transform your personality – cultivate an understanding of your most destructive and constructive energy
  • Inhabit the present – grow into your greatest self
  • Participate fully in life – experience yourself as an essential part of the whole

At the conclusion of Year Two, participants feel more creatively charged, less fearful and judgmental, and more connected to the full, flowing energy of their bodies and life’s possibilities.


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