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Core Energetics is A Body-Based Healing

Core Energetics is a body-based healing method developed by John Pierrakos. The model works with the body as well as the emotions to lead to powerful life change. Core Energetics allows clients to change their thinking based on their experience in the work and usually have transformational spiritual insights that enhance their sense of connection and purpose. As a result of this work, clients take responsibility for the quality of their internal world and their relationships in life.
In sessions, online and in person, clients work with their own basic holding patterns that create blocked energy and expression. On the most basic level, energy creates health, so too much blocked (“holding”) and tension contribute to illness. This blocked energy does not permit the free flow of your life force, which blocks feelings and emotion. As a result, we lose touch with our deepest sense of self and our life purpose. We loose our passion, freedom, and sense of the ground we stand on. Experience then becomes a repetitive pattern, and negation of life becomes a habit.
Emotionally we block our feelings and our free expression. We mask the truth of ourselves to others, reducing our capacity to respond intimately and authentically. As we free up our body and our emotions, we begin to gain a sense of clarity concerning the meaning of struggles and challenges and our life plan. Mentally, we regain a sense of knowing who we are, why we are here, and what we really want. Risks become manageable as we seek to manifest our desires in healthy and meaningful ways. We dismantle the basic negative scripts and beliefs we held in ourselves from our early experiences and begin to be able to clearly understand our challenges and face them. Spiritually we gain a sense of worthiness, compassion and care for both ourselves and for others. We regain a sense of meaning and participation in life on a full and more successful level. This allows us to feel connected to all that is.
This is a powerful method of life change. No matter what you are struggling with, you will benefit from this work. I have over 35 years as a therapist, an instructor and a facilitator. I have worked with children, families and all stages of the life span. I can guarantee that each session will bring you closer to the life your desire and the one you can take full responsibility for creating.
You will gain a sense of grounded well-being, love for your own life, and a sense of how to stand in your life in ways that are fulfilling physically, emotionally, mentally and with a sense of spiritual connection and well-being. This is your birthright; to be fully human.
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Core Energetics therapy is a powerful and engaging type of healing work that addresses all of these levels in fast and fun ways that are very effective.
Patricia Haman holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology as well as significant certifications with world leaders in alternative psychology including Stan Grof and John Pierrakos.  She is a masterful teacher and healer in this model. She possesses the ability to quickly read the body. She understands the impact development has in creation of a pattern and sees its impact on the way the world is perceived. This allows healing and change to happen in deeply meaningful and engaging levels without wasting time, effort and money. You will feel better and empowered quickly and without unnecessary suffering. Feeling good, learning to understand how to reorganize, and to touch your deeper experience and knowledge in new ways will allow you to feel better and manifest your purpose and desires.
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