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Board-Certified Hypnosis with a Holistic Healer

Get Changes You Want

Working with altered states of consciousness is a very effective way to bring about changes in the way we experience ourselves and the way we behave. We are constantly being bombarded with external messages and “suggestions.” Usually, we are operating on auto-pilot, without paying attention to what we are hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling. As a result, we don’t realize how much is reaching, influencing and impacting us. Hypnosis uses this type of secondary attention and awareness to focus our attention and enable suggestions that we desire and which we ourselves create.

Current or Past Issues

Patricia Haman works with whatever presenting challenge is occurring. Some clients choose to work in hypnosis to explore issues and themes they notice in their lives. Many want to explore threads in this life that they believe are linked to either early childhood history, prenatal experiences, or even past lives.

Hypnosis with board-certified practitioner & holistic healer, Patricia Haman
It is not important what we believe in ordinary awareness. In non-ordinary awareness under hypnosis, we can realize new opportunities and powerful choices in facing the challenges in our lives.

Clients often work with compulsive mental patterns or compulsive behavioral patterns to give up their addictions. Hypnosis can be a very effective tool for weight loss, letting go of smoking and other compulsive behaviors.

Hypnosis can improve our sense of spiritual guidance and connection. Clients can learn to develop a deep sense of self-acceptance and self-support leading to a deepening sense of well-being and balance.
Often, clients choose to write their own suggestions for the session. Creating suggestions can enhance their experience and its effectiveness. Others choose to deeply explore the unknown within themselves, leading to a sense of trust and acceptance of what is within.

Safe, Effective, & Always in Control

Hypnosis is safe and very effective depending on the level of suggestibility in the client.  Clients may help craft their suggestions, do not accept suggestions they do not agree with and are able to remember everything that happens during the session.

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