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Patricia Haman and Radical Aliveness

Patricia Haman is Director of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute Florida. The Radical Aliveness group training program facilitates and trains students in the study of Core Energetics while developing the capacity to work on the group level. In the Radical Aliveness Group Process, participants learn to maintain an awareness of the their impact on the whole, whether that whole is a system, an organization, or a person.
The ability to stand in Self-Responsibility, and to authentically participate with others while understanding different cultural realities and viewpoints is developed. Workshops, classes, and groups are provided that deeply engage and provide the opportunity to develop these skills in the context of healing using Core Energetics.
Students learn to breath, relax, and stand in and for something while handling conflicts and tensions within a group. They move beyond personal concerns as facilitators and learn to receive feedback that is uncomfortable. As a result, facilitators are able to be constructively involved with any conflict and to serve as a positive influence in outcomes.

Radical Aliveness Programs and Sessions

Programs are created world-wide, serving as training and healing opportunities on a large scale. Patricia provides weekly, ongoing Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Groups as wells as workshops. She provides sessions, supervision, and business to support to clients worldwide. Patricia serves on the faculty of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute of Southern California. She is a contributor to the work with Patricia Pfost and the founder, Ann Bradney.
Patricia Haman has 30 years of experience leading transformational groups and holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology as well as significant certifications with world acknowledged leaders in alternative psychology including Stan Grof and John Pierrakos.

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We base our work on the exploration and transformation of consciousness, so that full creative flow and movement can occur within groups, systems and within individuals. We attempt to bring all three into full alignment with flow.
• Leadership
• Participation
• Social Diversity
• Vulnerability
• Authenticity
• Bravery
• Awareness

If you are ready to experience challenging learning experiences for mastering your leadership potential at all levels of organizations (personal and professional) to heighten your ability to work within diverse, deeply emotional climates for change, Radical Aliveness is ready for you.

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